Relevance Delivers Website Redesign for Callender Howorth

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Website Development

Relevance recently provided a full digital renovation for its luxury interior design client, Callender Howorth. Replicating the design approach of Mark Howorth and his team, the Relevance developers created a functional, minimalist and modern website design. User experience has been greatly improved, making for a simpler and more productive browsing experience. Continue reading “Relevance Delivers Website Redesign for Callender Howorth”

Rumble Romagnoli’s Best Practice SEO for 2017

I was into my 20s when Google was launched. I was a young entrepreneur desperate to get any kind of leverage to catapult our travel start-up above the major tour operators. Google arrived at the perfect time for us. Our friends were coming out of a programming degree (Cheers H) and put us on the right track of how to get a small company immediate visibility and in front of a digitally naive world.

Getting  to the top of Google in those days was pretty damn easy – nobody was doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and we were. Bang your address into a few directories, change your meta data, and you were outdoing the big boys.

Almost 20 years on, and I have been watching very closely, Google has become an awesome and intelligent beast. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving and digital business consultants like myself have to be on our toes. To get ahead in this new SEO world is to constantly evaluate, conduct research and perform tests so you can see what works with regard to your industry and audience and then act fast before the competition copies you. It is more than just guess work, it is analysis based on case studies, and a set of invisible rules, a digital jurisprudence.  I had graduated in Law, and had experience in deciphering precedents.

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Relevance @ Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala in Monaco

209 Mare Model Ferrari Monte Carlo

Just to show we are not working all the time, Relevance Monaco and Relevance London joined up in spectacular style this weekend with fashion start-up 209 Mare to the red carpet Monaco event for the 2017 Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala in Monte Carlo. Bradley Mitton who runs Club Vivanova organised this outrageously yummy Monagasque event with 14 VIP partners, including Relevance.  360 people turned up looking fantastic in their black-tie and ballroom dresses to dine, dance, and bid on luxury goods  – proceeds going to  two selected charities: the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, and Chances for Children.


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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 13th March 2017

Relevance top 10

Much like the political climate, 2017 is proving to be a whirlwind of a year for SEO. Google’s unpredictability and the range of options available to clients mean that we have to understand our industry better than ever. Find out more with Relevance’s review of the Moz Top 10.

1. What 1.3m Youtube videos teaches you about SEO

With video set to play an increasingly important role in customer retention in the years ahead, you need to make sure your brand is content ready. Learn how to prepare in this fascinating Backlinko article. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 13th March 2017”

Relevance Starts Collaboration with Chain Reaction in Dubai

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The Relevance team in London has embarked upon an exciting partnership with Chain Reaction, a digital media/SEO company based in Dubai. Chain Reaction is Relevance’s Arabic counterpart in many ways since they also use digital marketing to get the best conversion rates and results for their clients. It is the first full-service digital marketing agency in Dubai that crafts a brand-driven marketing strategy that engages consumers online to help businesses grow. Continue reading “Relevance Starts Collaboration with Chain Reaction in Dubai”

Relevance Delivers Dazzling New Website for Club Vivanova

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Ahead of the Club Vivanova Luxury Gala 2017 on 11th March Relevance is proud to announce the delivery of a redesigned website to Club Vivanova, a leading networking club for professionals in luxury industries. In addition to the enhanced website, Relevance created a sister website for the upcoming gala to increase awareness of the event and to boost ticket sales. Relevance will be attending the Club Vivanova luxury gala 2017 as a VIP partner. Continue reading “Relevance Delivers Dazzling New Website for Club Vivanova”

Relevance Doubles World Gold Council Follower Count on Twitter to over 100,000

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Since starting work with the World Gold Council in Spring 2016, Relevance has been able to double the number of users following the World Gold Council’s twitter account, @GOLDCOUNCIL, from under 50,000 to now over 100,000.

Relevance supported their PR and marketing teams by advertising organic content to influencers and their followers in finance and precious metals sectors. These audiences generated extremely high levels of engagement and large amounts of new followers in a very short space of time. Continue reading “Relevance Doubles World Gold Council Follower Count on Twitter to over 100,000”

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business?

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In order to boost sales, many companies are turning to digital marketing in the quest for Google’s top spot. But claiming the primary search result for your desired keyword is usually a tough challenge. Without the right knowledge and application, marketing campaigns can fall short of the mark. Finding the right SEO company is essential for your business; your choice of SEO company is going to have a huge impact on your results. Many companies are full of big promises, but how should you decide which is right for your requirements? These 5 tips should help you find the right company for your search engine optimisation.

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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 8th February 2017

Relevance top 10

In this week’s Relevance run-down of Moz’s top 10, we explore why brands need to prioritise quality content and user experience in 2017. Read on for laser-accurate insights and brand-building information.

1. Small changes to raise your e-commerce game

As we all know, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference in e-commerce, which is why it’s so important that you read Kane Jamison’s fascinating article. He suggests that investing a few hours could make a huge impact. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 8th February 2017”