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10 PR Tactics You Should Use While Doing SEO

“Authentic and relevant link building, aimed at driving engagement, informing publics and building mutually beneficial relationships should be a part of every public relations and SEO effort” ~ Mike Cherenson, CEO at Public Relations Society of America

 10 PR Tactics You Should Use While Doing SEOMore and more digital marketing professionals care about a synergy of digital marketing and PR (public relations). There’s a reason why: classic SEO is all about getting links, while modern digital marketing is more about getting links through delivering useful and user friendly content. The editorial links generated by using PR techniques bring direct clicks and lead to higher rankings.

Here are 10 PR tips to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in SEO News


Relevance Signs Contract With SIM Card Specialists

Third addition to the portfolio in 2014 unveiled by the team at Relevance Web Marketing

Relevance Signs Contract With SIM Card Specialists

Relevance Web Marketing has continued its success in 2014, with yet another company joining the digital marketing agency’s portfolio. The latest addition is a company specialising in providing SIM cards for travel; offering savings, quality phone service and solutions for those looking to travel to any continent in the world, whether for a corporate event or for pleasure.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in Company News


Antibes Yacht Show 2014

The 2014 Antibes Yacht Show was a great success.

Relevance-Antibes-Yacht-ShowThe 2014 Antibes Yacht Show was a great sucess. Awaiting visitors in the ports berths were some of the world's most sublime superyachts, including the impressive sailing yacht SHADOW presented by Fraser Yachts.

Experienced industry experts including Relevance Web Marketing, greeted over 12 000 visitors from around the globe.

Written by Mellissa Wheeler, Posted in Company News


Wechat Social Marketing in China

As a multimedia mobile app, the social marketing value of Wechat has risen quickly since the launch of Wechat version 5.0.


For those who are not familiar with Wechat, it is a Chinese messaging app that also functions as a social media channel which can handle all your instant message needs; whether you require text and video chat, video calling, push to talk, photo/video and location sharing. Additional interesting features of the channel include: group messaging, broadcasting messaging, photo sharing and discovering new people around you via “look around”…

Wechat has already got more than 600 million users, and as a multimedia mobile app, the social marketing value of Wechat has risen quickly since the launch of Wechat version 5.0. Compared to other social media, the greatest advantage of WeChat is its precise targeting; with nearly 100% of messages sent to customers being seen. In addition, WeChat can bridge your customers between the offline and online world (O2O), creating a huge network of B2B, B2C and C2C for direct marketing.

Written by Lu Cao, Posted in Social Websites


Relevance Press Trip: Monaco and French Riviera

Luxury PR - lifestyle, travel, real estate public relations Cote d'Azur

Relevance Press Trip: Monaco and French Riviera

Relevance yesterday hosted a luxury press trip for UK media to taste the lifestyle of the French Riviera. Invited journalists visited the Monte Carlo Casino, the Columbus Hotel, La Costa Properties Monaco, Carlton Estate in Cannes and were offered dinner by private chef Emmanuel Sofonea and wine tastings from Jules Wines. Transport was provided by Easyjet and WR Chauffeurs. Relevance as a digital PR company, with offices in Nice France, organises press trips to Monaco and the French Riviera.


Written by Rumble Romagnoli, Posted in Company News


5 Most Useful Tools for Social Media Management

5 Most Useful Tools for Social Media Management

Social media is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most invaluable channels for reaching larger audiences and promoting your business. However, managing a multitude of social media accounts can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Tracking valuable data, such as followers’ demographics, the optimal hour for publishing a post or a level of followers’ engagement; can be a hard task to manage. 

Written by Kate Snesareva, Posted in SEO News, Social Websites


Training at the Relevance Academy

Relevance provides excellent training for those looking to enter the world of online marketing

Nice Port with Yachts

The old saying, ‘Every day is a school day’ could not be more true than at Relevance. To this day, everybody at Relevance is learning new techniques; especially new marketing and SEO strategies. This however, is par for the course in the SEO world, a fast-paced environment in which the goal posts are constantly changing.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in Company News


Google Penguin and the Silver Lining

Relevance has a new Tech SEO and Negative SEO Consultant - here's what he has to say

Google Penguin and the Silver Lining

For those of us that have been doing SEO work for many years, we have always known that other sites linking to our own website was the most important factor for ranking well in Google. Until April 2012, it seemed that more was always better. Most SEOs knew that if they built more inbound links (back links), the site would rank higher and they would make more money, so we all kept on building links. I did them by hand, with software and all seemed well.

Written by Rick Lomas, Posted in SEO News, Company News


London has Become the ‘World’s Best City for Foreign Real Estate Investors’

Real estate in London or, to be more precise, luxury real estate in London, attracts many foreign investors and there’s a reason for this.


London is Worlds Best City for Foreign Real Estate InvestorsAccording to research conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE), London has become the number one city for foreign investments in real estate. The UK capital has overtaken the last year’s leader New York.

Chief Executive of AFIRE, James Fetgatter explains the success of London with the simplicity of British laws: “It’s very easy to invest in London, there are no restrictions, the tax regime is good for foreign investors”, he said.

Written by Anna Prokopenko


Top 10 Digital Real Estate Tips for Your Real Estate Business

Advice on what to include when creating your digital real estate strategy.

10-tips-for-real-estate-online-strategy-london.jpg94% of people looking for real estate search online - and this number isn’t going to decline. That is why it’s so important to think over every detail of your internet marketing strategy and scrupulously manage your online reputation. Here at Relevance our real estate marketing consultants are ready to help you. Here are 10 tips that can help you perfect your digital strategy for your real estate agency or property management company.


Written by Anna Prokopenko


Established Security Company Signs with Relevance

Relevance to Take UK Based Security Outfit to Next Level of Digital Marketing

Relevance Signs a UK-based Security CompanyIt’s a happy Monday this week as Relevance signs another new client… the second of 2014. The latest company to choose Relevance for digital marketing is a UK based, nationwide security service group, with nearly two decades of experience and expertise. This company was recently rated as being in the top 1% of all UK security companies for operational excellence.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Relevance Signs New Client for Villa Marketing

Another villa rental company chooses Relevance

The Cieux Bleus Villa in the South of FranceRelevance Web Marketing is proud to announce a new client has signed for a digital marketing campaign. On 7th January 2014, a 14 month contract was signed in Nice, and Senior Account Manager Mellissa Wheeler said of the news, “Relevance is delighted to begin 2014 by welcoming a new client to our portfolio. Our expert knowledge of the region and dynamic team of search marketing and PR professionals ensure this is a great match”.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in SEO News, Company News


SinaWeibo — the most Popular Social Media in China

“If you want to enter China with social marketing and broadcasting; Weibo is the only tool.”


shanghaiSina International’s GM has said: “If you want to enter China with social marketing; Weibo is the only tool.” SinaWeibo has 56 million daily active users in China. SinaWeibo boasts over 130,000 corporate accounts and 56% of users follow at least one account. It offers the content sophistication of a social network such as Facebook with the engagement and interaction levels of a pure micro-blogging service such as Twitter.

Written by Lu Cao, Posted in Social Websites


Yandex 2013

The biggest 2013 news from the biggest Russian search engine.

yandex-news-2013.jpgWe love to summarise what has been done during the past year. YouTube showed us what we watched in 2013, Google made a video about what we searched for, and almost every media outlet made a ‘top-2013’ list. Today we offer you the review of the most important 2013 news from Yandex – the biggest Russian search engine.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in SEO News


Top 10 Relevance Articles From 2013

Relevance lists the most popular blogs by number of hits over the past year


Happy New YearThe team at Relevance Web Marketing would like to wish all of our colleagues, clients and followers a very happy and prosperous New Year! 2013 was a great year for Relevance, a year which saw many changes and undulations in the digital world. To sign off the year behind, we have listed or top 10, most viewed articles from the Relevance blog in 2013. Click on the article title to view. Visit our blog regularly to stay in touch with all things luxury and digital.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News