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Luxury Brands are Increasing Their Online Presence

Relevance looks into why luxury brands are turning their attention to online marketing

maseratiIn the digital age, it is becoming ever more essential to be visible and active online, even for brands that have traditionally eschewed online marketing and sales. Luxury brands have recently increased their online marketing activity to encourage high-earners to use their websites.

Numerous luxury brands were initially dismissive of online shopping, fearing a loss of exclusivity. They preferred to remain faithful to their traditional marketing and sales strategies that had brought them a loyal clientele and so much success in the past. However, in the words of Bob Dylan, ‘the times they are a-changing,’ and a new report from eMarketer shows that luxury brands are now creating online advertising campaigns and offering exciting deals to potential clients who shop online.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in SEO News


SEO Company - Moz Top 10 Round-Up

Relevance Web Marketing keeps it's finger on the pulse of all SEO company news


MOZ-LogoHere at Relevance we are always interested in the most recent SEO trends. In the latest top 10 news in Moz round-up, you can read on how Obama’s campaign broke every online fundraising record, find out about Bing’s latest releases and many more.

1. The Future of Search: Marcus Tandler at TEDxMünchen

Marcus Tandler, a speaker at TEDxMunchen, delivers a fresh perspective of the future of search engines. Search expectations constantly change, and search engines are forced to change with them. Today it has become crucial for search engines to understand rather than to merely index as our search is “recency-sensitive” and replete with questions. Tandler predicts that search of the future will be moving from a web search to a contextual search to accommodate our ever-rising search expectations.

Written by Kate Snesareva, Posted in SEO News, Company News


The Top Ten News Review from The SuperYacht Times

Relevance Summarises the Latest SuperYacht Times Newsletter

yacht image 2The SuperYacht Times covers some of the world’s most prestigious and up-to-date yachting news. Recently the elite yachting publication updated us with news coverage from the superyacht Eclipse, to new building contracts that include the commission of the new Continental III 26.00. Please read on to get a preview of what they have to say.

Written by Mellissa Wheeler, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Relevance Signs Leading Player in South-East Asian Yachting Industry

SEO and online marketing contract for premium brokerage/boat yard outfit

logo pen marinePen Marine put pen to paper this morning and became the latest yachting company to select the skills and expertise of the Relevance team for yacht marketing.

Commencing with keyword research and on-page optimisation, Relevance will ensure the perfect foundations are set for the website to rank well in search engines for relevant keyword phrases. As part of phase 1, various technical issues will be fixed which were identified following the website audit conducted by an SEO specialist at Relevance HQ in Nice.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


The Moz Top 10 Roundup - November 2013

Relevance summarises the top 10 blogs picked by Moz over the past 2 months


Moz-LogoWe live in such a fast paced and constantly changing SEO world, that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Here we round up the newest SEO articles, which have been ranked in Moz’s top 10.  

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future
Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks have been all over the news for the last couple of months and Yahoo and Google are reacting to their customer’s lack of privacy by putting more effort into protecting their privacy. Find out how these changes are affecting SEO methods and what can be done despite the changes.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


New website for NISI Yachts by Relevance

Last month Relevance completed a brand new website for the luxury motor yachts shipyard NISI Yachts.

New website for NISI Yachts by Relevance

The aim of the website is to deliver a unique lifestyle experience and maximum user-friendliness. The website allows easy navigation between yacht models, virtual tours and videos, and is fully connected with the most important social media platforms.

The old website was built in Flash which was user-unfriendly and had a high bounce rate (users leaving the website after seeing one page only). The new website immediately increased the visit length and decreased the bounce rate due to its pleasant aesthetics and ease of navigation.

Katerina Cozias, NISI Yachts marketing director said: "Emilia, it goes without saying the great work ethic you and the Relevance team have displayed. It was a pleasure working with you. The new site looks great and we are getting good feedback with it."

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Relevance open business routes to Scandinavian countries with new SEO and Advertising Collaboration

Relevance has continued its expansion in Europe to provide clients with Scandinavian SEO and SEM services. Relevance prides itself in offering luxury brands access to European and International territories through its digital marketing services.


Relevance, yesterday signed a collaboration contact with one of the leading Scandinavian digital marketing agencies based in Stockholm, so Relevance can offer their clients and any prospects access to Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, and Danish markets using cutting edge SEO and online PR techniques to boost instant traffic, and leads from these important sectors.

Scandinavian region is famous by its outstanding standard of living. GDP per capita of the countries here varies from $37 thousands in Denmark to $55 thousands in Norway. The homeland of such companies like H&M, Ikea and Tetra Pak is a place of living of many millionaires, including Forbes number 12 – Stefan Persson.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in Company News


SEO Company News - November 2013

This week at Relevance HQ in Nice - exciting movements within the team

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 14.32.41November brings some changes within the Relevance workforce, with a view to improving the organisation and better servicing our clients. Digital Account Manager, Mellissa Wheeler has been commended for her hard work and dedication to her clients, and was rewarded with a promotion to ‘Senior Digital Account Manager’. Mellissa is first-class when it comes to meeting client criteria and ensuring Relevance exceeds expectations of the many luxury companies we are fortunate enough to work with. Hard work and dedication is always noticed and rewarded at Relevance and our goal is to maintain a happy and productive workforce.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Relevance opens marketing and PR office in luxury Paris quarter.

Relevance Web Marketing, 10 Place Vendôme, PARIS, 75001, FRANCE

Relevance opens marketing and PR office in luxury Paris quarter.

Today Relevance Web Marketing opened another gateway to prestige, with a Paris office situated at 10 Place Vendôme. Based at the Parisian office equidistant from Opera, Pyramides and Tuileries Metro stations, Relevance will be providing bespoke website design services and selective and targeted digital marketing campaigns enabling luxury goods and services providers to reach high net worth individuals and their entourage. Relevance business development duo Rumble Romagnoli and Emilia Jedamska will be available for meetings in the French capital to discuss online strategy for real estate companies, luxury rental firms, jewellers, watch makers, fashion houses, golf courses, polo clubs, 5 star hotels and  companies with an exclusive offering. 

800px-Place Vendôme - Panorama

Written by Rumble Romagnoli, Posted in Company News


Luxury Cake Company Takes a Slice of French Online Marketing

Votre Gateau signs a French online marketing contract with Relevance

votre gateau logoA few weeks ago, the two Directors of Votre Gateau flew in to Nice to talk business with Relevance. Over a business lunch in a great restaurant close to Relevance HQ, a strategy for French online marketing was agreed, with the goal of improved sales in the French market for the professional online boutique.

Votre Gateau creates personalised cakes for any occasion and can deliver to wherever you are in France. Gillon Hunter of Relevance said today “It’s a great concept and I think Votre Gateau has a great product which will do well. Our job is to increase exposure for the cakes through a number of cutting edge (no pun intended) online marketing techniques.”

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Will Google’s Secure Search Changes Have an Impact on Small Businesses?

With Google’s changes to secure search it’s getting harder and harder for small business owners to understand the complexities of organic search in order to optimise and promote their websites.


Market leaders estimate that around 30% of small business owners conduct their own website promotion for organic search on Google and other search engines. 

This task has just become a lot more difficult with the recent changes which limit the data which can be seen in Google Analytics.

Written by Mellissa Wheeler, Posted in SEO News


Carlton International extends luxury real estate marketing deal with Relevance

Cote d'Azur Realtor extends digital contract to 2016

Carlton International extends luxury real estate marketing deal with Relevance

Relevance is happy to announce that Carlton International, the established authority in luxury real estate on the French Riviera, has extended its digital marketing contract with Relevance Web Marketing to 2016. Relevance has been Carlton International's digital marketing partner since the unveiling of their cutting-edge real estate website in late 2010. After numerous awards for website design, and SEO, Carlton international, Eurofrance Real Estate and Prime Invest International (Carlton International's luxury rental arm) have all decided to use Relevance and their extensive experience in marketing luxury real estate on the internet as providers. Check out our real estate marketing portfolio here.

Written by Rumble Romagnoli, Posted in Company News


Instagram launches advertising

One of the most well-know photo-sharing social media providers launches paid advertising. Users from the USA will already see the first ads on their timeline this week.


A few weeks ago, Instagram – one of the most popular photo sharing social media networks in the world announced on its blog that the ads were coming soon. The company stated that its goal was development and that it was going to turn Instagram into a real business, but with the main philosophy of the company remaining the same – users should be happy with what Instagram is.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in Social Websites


Facebook Down: Panic in Social Media World

Yesterday at around 1pm GMT the first messages about Facebook being down appeared. Four hours later the bugs were fixed and analysts started to count the damage caused by problems with world’s biggest social media provider.

facebook-down-21-october.jpgYesterday afternoon many users around the world faced some problems with Facebook. They couldn’t post anything on walls, add photos or leave comments and likes. At the same time there were some problems with payments on the website. Some agencies even reported that Facebook was unavailable for some time.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in Social Websites


Relevance Signs Castles fit for Kings - SEO

Luxury castle rentals company based in Rome is the latest to choose Relevance


castles logoLast Friday afternoon in glamorous Cannes, Relevance Web Marketing and ‘Castles’ met over coffee with a view to signing an SEO and online marketing contract. Denise Bussey, Operations Manager of Castles, flew in from Rome to meet with Relevance’s Digital Account Director, Gillon Hunter.

Mrs Bussey was happy to listen to ideas from Relevance on how best to allocate the available budget towards online marketing. The great thing about digital marketing is that you can pick and choose your marketing mix. This way Relevance is able to tailor-make online marketing campaigns based on budget, requirements, target markets and level of industry competition.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News