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Google Penguin and the Silver Lining

Relevance has a new Tech SEO and Negative SEO Consultant - here's what he has to say

Google Penguin and the Silver Lining

For those of us that have been doing SEO work for many years, we have always known that other sites linking to our own website was the most important factor for ranking well in Google. Until April 2012, it seemed that more was always better. Most SEOs knew that if they built more inbound links (back links), the site would rank higher and they would make more money, so we all kept on building links. I did them by hand, with software and all seemed well.

Written by Rick Lomas, Posted in SEO News, Company News


London has Become the ‘World’s Best City for Foreign Real Estate Investors’

Real estate in London or, to be more precise, luxury real estate in London, attracts many foreign investors and there’s a reason for this.


London is Worlds Best City for Foreign Real Estate InvestorsAccording to research conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE), London has become the number one city for foreign investments in real estate. The UK capital has overtaken the last year’s leader New York.

Chief Executive of AFIRE, James Fetgatter explains the success of London with the simplicity of British laws: “It’s very easy to invest in London, there are no restrictions, the tax regime is good for foreign investors”, he said.

Written by Anna Prokopenko


Top 10 Digital Real Estate Tips for Your Real Estate Business

Advice on what to include when creating your digital real estate strategy.

10-tips-for-real-estate-online-strategy-london.jpg94% of people looking for real estate search online - and this number isn’t going to decline. That is why it’s so important to think over every detail of your internet marketing strategy and scrupulously manage your online reputation. Here at Relevance our real estate marketing consultants are ready to help you. Here are 10 tips that can help you perfect your digital strategy for your real estate agency or property management company.


Written by Anna Prokopenko


Established Security Company Signs with Relevance

Relevance to Take UK Based Security Outfit to Next Level of Digital Marketing

Relevance Signs a UK-based Security CompanyIt’s a happy Monday this week as Relevance signs another new client… the second of 2014. The latest company to choose Relevance for digital marketing is a UK based, nationwide security service group, with nearly two decades of experience and expertise. This company was recently rated as being in the top 1% of all UK security companies for operational excellence.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Relevance Signs New Client for Villa Marketing

Another villa rental company chooses Relevance

The Cieux Bleus Villa in the South of FranceRelevance Web Marketing is proud to announce a new client has signed for a digital marketing campaign. On 7th January 2014, a 14 month contract was signed in Nice, and Senior Account Manager Mellissa Wheeler said of the news, “Relevance is delighted to begin 2014 by welcoming a new client to our portfolio. Our expert knowledge of the region and dynamic team of search marketing and PR professionals ensure this is a great match”.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in SEO News, Company News


SinaWeibo — the most Popular Social Media in China

“If you want to enter China with social marketing and broadcasting; Weibo is the only tool.”


shanghaiSina International’s GM has said: “If you want to enter China with social marketing; Weibo is the only tool.” SinaWeibo has 56 million daily active users in China. SinaWeibo boasts over 130,000 corporate accounts and 56% of users follow at least one account. It offers the content sophistication of a social network such as Facebook with the engagement and interaction levels of a pure micro-blogging service such as Twitter.

Written by Lu Cao, Posted in Social Websites


Yandex 2013

The biggest 2013 news from the biggest Russian search engine.

yandex-news-2013.jpgWe love to summarise what has been done during the past year. YouTube showed us what we watched in 2013, Google made a video about what we searched for, and almost every media outlet made a ‘top-2013’ list. Today we offer you the review of the most important 2013 news from Yandex – the biggest Russian search engine.

Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in SEO News


Top 10 Relevance Articles From 2013

Relevance lists the most popular blogs by number of hits over the past year


Happy New YearThe team at Relevance Web Marketing would like to wish all of our colleagues, clients and followers a very happy and prosperous New Year! 2013 was a great year for Relevance, a year which saw many changes and undulations in the digital world. To sign off the year behind, we have listed or top 10, most viewed articles from the Relevance blog in 2013. Click on the article title to view. Visit our blog regularly to stay in touch with all things luxury and digital.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Moz top 10 Articles – December

Relevance reviews the top 10 SEO articles in December as rated by MOZ

510px-Android robot.svgThe online marketing world does not slow down for the holiday season, and here at Relevance Web Marketing we like to keep our finger on the pulse. Therefore, we have decided to take a look into Moz’s top 10 articles from the past month, which reflect the constantly changing world of SEO.


Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in SEO News


Vkontakte – The Biggest Russian Social Media

Russian web-space is a mystery for many foreign companies. One of the tricks is to utilise Russian social media giant VK or Vkontakte. Today Relevance is going to help you to understand what VK is.

moscow-vkontakte-biggest-russian-social-media.jpg VK is the biggest and the most visited social network in Russia. It has over 230 million users and over 54 million of them visit the website each day. About 65% of users live in Russia, with half of the VK audience being older than 25 years. As VK attracts so many users in Russia, there is a great deal of potential to promote your company’s goods and services.

Here are some opportunities you can use on Vkontakte.


Written by Anna Prokopenko, Posted in Social Websites


Relevance Signs New Client for Yacht Marketing

The latest yacht charter company to select Relevance Web Marketing services

Luxury yacht in the Gulf of Saint-TropezToday, the 9th of December 2013 – a new client signed on the dotted line for a 12 month yacht marketing campaign with Relevance. Their MD stated this morning "We are delighted to be working with Relevance - it is clear the team is very well poised to promote yachting companies and we are looking forward to increasing our profile in the luxury yacht charter industry".

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Luxury Brands are Increasing Their Online Presence

Relevance looks into why luxury brands are turning their attention to online marketing

maseratiIn the digital age, it is becoming ever more essential to be visible and active online, even for brands that have traditionally eschewed online marketing and sales. Luxury brands have recently increased their online marketing activity to encourage high-earners to use their websites.

Numerous luxury brands were initially dismissive of online shopping, fearing a loss of exclusivity. They preferred to remain faithful to their traditional marketing and sales strategies that had brought them a loyal clientele and so much success in the past. However, in the words of Bob Dylan, ‘the times they are a-changing,’ and a new report from eMarketer shows that luxury brands are now creating online advertising campaigns and offering exciting deals to potential clients who shop online.

Written by Tim Beecroft, Posted in SEO News


SEO Company - Moz Top 10 Round-Up

Relevance Web Marketing keeps it's finger on the pulse of all SEO company news


MOZ-LogoHere at Relevance we are always interested in the most recent SEO trends. In the latest top 10 news in Moz round-up, you can read on how Obama’s campaign broke every online fundraising record, find out about Bing’s latest releases and many more.

1. The Future of Search: Marcus Tandler at TEDxMünchen

Marcus Tandler, a speaker at TEDxMunchen, delivers a fresh perspective of the future of search engines. Search expectations constantly change, and search engines are forced to change with them. Today it has become crucial for search engines to understand rather than to merely index as our search is “recency-sensitive” and replete with questions. Tandler predicts that search of the future will be moving from a web search to a contextual search to accommodate our ever-rising search expectations.

Written by Kate Snesareva, Posted in SEO News, Company News


The Top Ten News Review from The SuperYacht Times

Relevance Summarises the Latest SuperYacht Times Newsletter

yacht image 2The SuperYacht Times covers some of the world’s most prestigious and up-to-date yachting news. Recently the elite yachting publication updated us with news coverage from the superyacht Eclipse, to new building contracts that include the commission of the new Continental III 26.00. Please read on to get a preview of what they have to say.

Written by Mellissa Wheeler, Posted in SEO News, Company News


Relevance Signs Leading Player in South-East Asian Yachting Industry

SEO and online marketing contract for premium brokerage/boat yard outfit

logo pen marinePen Marine put pen to paper this morning and became the latest yachting company to select the skills and expertise of the Relevance team for yacht marketing.

Commencing with keyword research and on-page optimisation, Relevance will ensure the perfect foundations are set for the website to rank well in search engines for relevant keyword phrases. As part of phase 1, various technical issues will be fixed which were identified following the website audit conducted by an SEO specialist at Relevance HQ in Nice.

Written by Gillon Hunter, Posted in SEO News, Company News