Google turns to AI to decide rankings – RankBrain


In the ever-evolving world of technology, the latest progression is always imminent, but Google’s most recently revealed technology, RankBrain, presents an unprecedented level of intelligence and goes some way in exposing the methods behind the search engine’s algorithms.

RankBrain’s uniqueness lies in its ability to learn, acquiring knowledge with each new piece of information it processes. RankBrain is able to translate written text into a kind of numerical language, before analysing the data using artificial intelligence. It even has the ability to speculate on an unknown value, which enhances its functionality – a truly revolutionary characteristic.

Greg Corrado – a Senior Research Scientist at Google – explained how the technology has rapidly risen to prominence to become the third most significant ranking tool in Google’s search engine algorithms, despite only being implemented a matter of months ago. He continues, suggesting that while other technologies utilise pre-existing signals, RankBrain is unique in its ability to develop. Continue reading “Google turns to AI to decide rankings – RankBrain”

Relevance Moves to Monte Carlo

Casino Monaco

Relevance has recently opened offices in Monte Carlo, Monaco. New offices have been acquired on 38 Boulevard des Moulins, Monaco 98000 and Kate Snesareva will be managing a team of website designers and digital marketing specialists in the Monaco offices.

Relevance is known for its luxury digital marketing services, including super yacht marketing, real estate and yachting website design and development, multilingual SEO & digital advertising, as well as content management, PR and social media solutions.

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Cannes Monaco & FLIBS 2015 – Marketing Directors in the Yachtlight

yacht marketing at the monaco yacht show

As the yachting world arrives in Europe today for the first of the International Yacht Shows, the Relevance team is readying itself for the most important two months of Yacht Marketing business of the year. The Yachting Festival de Cannes, the Monaco Yacht Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show are now upon us and the lazy summer holidays have become a distant blur. Yachting clients are looking for high net worth clients to buy and charter yachts, so their marketing spend and approach will have become very serious. Websites and promotion, SEO and advertising, social media and branding are all being talked about. Marketing Directors of the largest boat brands, brokerage houses, and of course all the supplier companies, will be in the major spotlight as these prestigious events open their doors for international visitors. Where their brand is placed will be critical to sales.

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New Partner, New Client – Relevance cement partnership with Second Elements

French SEO Contract with Second Elements

Relevance has signed a very new and interesting contract to optimise and promote the website of cutting edge technology company, in French.

Josephine Besson who heads the Relevance French SEO team concluded a partnership with Second Elements, a German web agency, for the French digital marketing of their client Devolo thus cementing a partnership at the same time.

Devolo is already one of the German leaders of the WiFi rehearsal “power line carriers” market; this relatively new technology allows the amplification of a Wifi network via the electric waves of a private home or an office. A very simple to use system whose concept is to repeat the wavelength router WPS as it is received; this signal is then repeatable again and so on from room to room.

The account manager dedicated to this project will be Josephine Besson, she will take the challenge, starting with the optimization of the main landing site pages from the beginning of October 2015. Josephine was “delighted and very excited to start working on such a project” she is looking forward to test the Devolo products and to soon be able to spread their benefits over the Francophone web.


App and Wechat – Digital Marketing Platforms in China


Relevance continues to share the latest international digital marketing news about social media. China has an emerging digital market in luxury, real estate and many other fields. To promote a business in China, digital marketing professionals can choose to start by creating their own apps or by managing their own official account on the social media platform Wechat (Weixin in Chinese). Following the previous article about Wechat social marketing in China, Relevance presents an analysis of both approaches to promoting a business before offering practical suggestions to business developers.

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Relevance Top 10 – Latest News


Welcome to the latest top 10 digital marketing update presented by Relevance. In this month’s issue, we round up ten valuable articles from Moz blog, including topics from new Google data platform and psychological analysis on marketing, to link building and the latest trend: “how old do I look”. Meanwhile, we will continue to share updated information with you about Google Mobilegeddon.

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Relevance Top 10 – May


Relevance presents its exclusive top 10 latest digital marketing updates and reviews. This edition features an analysis of the significance of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ last week. You can also look forward to advice on using your competitors to your advantage, creating unique original content, reducing bounce rates and making the most of social media.

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Revive Your AdWords Campaign With These 7 Essential Tips


Optimising your PPC Campaign is the key to better performing adverts. With these seven essential tips, discover how you could increase your click-through-rate and reduce your Cost Per Click simultaneously.

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Relevance Top 10 – Latest News


Relevance brings you the top 10 latest digital marketing news and updates. This edition includes a diverse range of insights into the most up-to-date SEO tactics, advice on making the most of social media and further news on Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ update next week.

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