App and Wechat – Digital Marketing Platforms in China


Relevance continues to share the latest international digital marketing news about social media. China has an emerging digital market in luxury, real estate and many other fields. To promote a business in China, digital marketing professionals can choose to start by creating their own apps or by managing their own official account on the social media platform Wechat (Weixin in Chinese). Following the previous article about Wechat social marketing in China, Relevance presents an analysis of both approaches to promoting a business before offering practical suggestions to business developers.

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Relevance Top 10 – Latest News


Welcome to the latest top 10 digital marketing update presented by Relevance. In this month’s issue, we round up ten valuable articles from Moz blog, including topics from new Google data platform and psychological analysis on marketing, to link building and the latest trend: “how old do I look”. Meanwhile, we will continue to share updated information with you about Google Mobilegeddon.

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Relevance Top 10 – May


Relevance presents its exclusive top 10 latest digital marketing updates and reviews. This edition features an analysis of the significance of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ last week. You can also look forward to advice on using your competitors to your advantage, creating unique original content, reducing bounce rates and making the most of social media.

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6 Must-Have SEO Essentials Before Your Website Launch


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of modifying a website to improve its visibility and organic positioning in a search engine results page. When creating a website, there are many factors that will influence your website’s ranking, some of them are more immediately apparent than others. Consequently, Relevance has created a ‘checklist’ of key SEO strategies to increase traffic to your website.

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Facts over Links – Google Researches New Ranking Signal


The attention of the search industry turned to the recent Google research paper, which proposes a signal for ranking search results based upon “the correctness of factual information provided by the source,” rather than links.

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Relevance Top 10 – April


Relevance once again presents to you the latest Digital news. The only constant in digital marketing is change, so be sure to take a moment to get up-to-date with the helpful insights from industry experts. Social media, Meerkat, and content, content, content are on this month’s agenda.

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New Client for Relevance – Interior Design – Callender Howorth


March 2015 – Relevance is pleased to announce new digital client Callender Howorth.

Callender Howorth has established itself as one of the go-to agencies in high end residential design in the UK, providing an exclusive range of services including architecture, interior design, styling and project managing full renovation projects from its London offices. Now expanding to the French Riviera, Callender Howorth has sought Relevance for their creative SEO and digital marketing services and established network around the Côte d’Azur and Monaco.

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