Relevance Runs PR Workshop at SKEMA Business School

relevance digital pr skema

Following Relevance’s successful PR trip to the Monaco Yacht Show, representatives of the company were invited to SKEMA Business School on Monday 21st November to run a workshop for 30 students. Sharing industry insight with students on the ‘Introduction to Public Relations’ undergraduate course, Rumble and Muriel shared their knowledge on a variety of topics – gained from years of experience in the PR and digital industries: these topics included the role of a press officer, press trips, digital PR for SEO, PR conferences, and PR crisis management. Continue reading “Relevance Runs PR Workshop at SKEMA Business School”

Relevance Sets the Date for its Christmas Party 2016

relevance christmas party

Decking the halls with boughs of holly, Relevance announces the date for its upcoming Christmas party: 12th December 2016 – from 6pm. Following the hugely successful event in 2015, which provided an opportunity for business owners and marketing professionals from Monaco and beyond to socialise and network, the 2016 celebration will welcome guests from near and far for cocktails, canapés and Christmas cheer. The Relevance team looks forward to welcoming clients, friends, business owners and industry professionals to the company office – Floor -3, 38 Boulevard des Moulins, Monaco – which will be transformed into a festive venue for the occasion.

Please RSVP to by 8th December to confirm your attendance.

Relevance SEO Top 10 – 3rd November 2016

Relevance top 10

Google is considered by many to be the gateway to the internet. An all-seeing, all-knowing and infallible digital God that has never made a mistake since it was created in a humble garage. But this edition of Moz’s top 10 says otherwise. Read on to discover the search engine’s downfalls, as well as other insightful SEO news. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 3rd November 2016”

Relevance Accompanies Pastor Real Estate to the Mayfair Awards 2016

Floral arrangements by Paul Thomas

The Mayfair Awards are organised by the Mayfair Magazine to recognise the hard-working businesses, individuals and organisations that serve the illustrious area, with 17 different award categories in an array of industries. The panel of distinguished and celebrity judges, including David Lee from Pastor Real Estate, selected the finalists but it is the readership of the Mayfair Magazine who chose the winners.

Pastor Real Estate invited Relevance’s Rumble Romagnoli and Natasha Gray to this incredible event, which was held across five rooms in William Kent House – a luxurious and exclusive annex of the Ritz.

Continue reading “Relevance Accompanies Pastor Real Estate to the Mayfair Awards 2016”

Relevance SEO Top 10 – 24th October 2016

Relevance top 10

The Penguin 4.0 update was the big news from the last Moz top 10 and whilst we’re still waiting to see what the knock-on effects will be, we’ve got more big news from Facebook and a life lesson for you. Read on or get left behind.

1. What if you didn’t recover from Penguin?

It took two whole years but Google finally updated penguin. It was an unusual advancement to say the least, and only now does it seem to be settling down. For those who are yet to recover, Dr Pete explains five theories why you might have been left behind. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 24th October 2016”

Relevance proud to deliver 3 Custom Designed WordPress Websites in just 3 Months

Custom design wordpress

At the forefront of digital innovation, Relevance is constantly creating new and effective ways to support their clients. In just three short months, Relevance has delivered custom designed WordPress websites to three key clients: Chamberlain Yachts, Worth Avenue Yachts and Interactive Space. Continue reading “Relevance proud to deliver 3 Custom Designed WordPress Websites in just 3 Months”

Relevance, Hydros and the Brand New Foiler 41 at Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Hydros' Foil 41

Hydros chose Relevance’s PR team in Monaco to deliver their PR campaign for and during the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. During the show, Enata Industries revealed the FOILER 41 to the world, one of the very first motor yachts with foil technology.

The Hydros Foundation is an accredited non-profit, public-interest organization which aims to encourage technological innovation to meet the challenges facing the nautical industry – including environmental and economic issues. Hydros was able to promote their admirable work and build on their contacts at MYS, thanks to their PR collaboration with Relevance. Continue reading “Relevance, Hydros and the Brand New Foiler 41 at Monaco Yacht Show 2016”

Relevance SEO Top 10 – 11th October 2016

Relevance top 10

Whilst the farcical American presidential race is stealing column space for all the wrong reasons, we at Relevance are bringing you the news that really matters to SEO from Moz’s latest news. This instalment includes a huge announcement from Google, hacking updates and some useful strategy building advice. Read on to be in the know. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 11th October 2016”

Relevance develops a custom designed WordPress website for Interactive Space


Interactive Space, a leading specialist in office relocation in London, chose Relevance to design and develop their website. Relevance has a proven track record in producing feature-rich and beautiful custom designed WordPress websites. We worked with Interactive Space on their new website design from concept to development with a focus on overhauling their web presence in the long run. The new custom designed WordPress website is an extension of the Interactive Space brand and uses color schemes, fonts, and themes to communicate effectively with the target audience.

The Interactive Space website has an improved organisation and presentation of content enabling visitors to quickly navigate to the desired pages. The website stands out with a minimalist look showcasing Interactive Space’s client portfolio in the best light while maintaining a simple interface.

The site is built on WordPress and is aimed at providing staff with complete control over adding, editing and deleting items. Relevance also provides ongoing operational support to Interactive Space.