What is an app?

In the simplest of terms an ‘app’ is a software application, usually designed for use on a mobile or tablet device. What began as simple programs to add say, a calendar or weather service, to your device are quickly evolving into one of the most engaging and effective ways to market your business.

In 2017 there were over 4.5 million apps 

How can an app be used to market my business?

Finding an original way to incorporate an app into your marketing strategy is the key to utilising this approach. The scope of apps is broadening every day and they offer a multitude of uses. Some of the more basic apps are simple finder services; a real estate company might utilise this approach to make for example a ‘Riviera Villa Finder’. Simple search based apps like this offer the advantage of a captive, qualified target audience who will only see results offered by your business. More creative app design can often see greater success, a gaming app based around your area of business will lead to more time spent on the app and thus exposure to your product. User engagement is key to an app’s success, and the sky’s the limit in terms of the designs now possible.

Why choose Relevance to help create your app?

Relevance has a development office in Warsaw and can create functional and beautiful applications. Once created, Relevance marketing professionals can promote your app using advertising and social media.