Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing can take many forms. Until recently SMS (text messaging) ad campaigns were the the primary form of what people referred to as 'mobile marketing'. But as the scope of mobile devices has rapidly increased with the proliferation of smartphones, so has the scope of mobile marketing, to include many techniques for targeting customers 'on the move'. Google now provides campaign platforms for targeting mobile search users much like Adwords for traditional websites. These campaigns can be highly targeted for specific locations and include features such as 'click-to-call' to drive conversions from your ads. App building can also be considered part of the mobile marketing sphere.

80% of internet users own a smartphone. 

How can Mobile Marketing benefit my business?

With the huge growth in mobile web and search use expected to continue, adapting your marketing strategy to target mobile users now means staying ahead of the game. The many options for targeting specific demographics and geographic locations mean mobile campaigns can offer highly qualified traffic for your company - those far more likely to visit or call your business, and ultimately drive revenue. And with many businesses, and probably many of your competitors, failing to capitilise on these opportunities competition and therefore costs are relatively low.

Why choose Relevance Web as your mobile marketing partner?

Relevance's marketing and development teams are continuously working on campaigns for high profile clients. We stay at the leading edge of developments in the mobile arena to insure we can deliver campaigns that are high impact and demonstrate the best possible return of investment for your business.