Tablet and iPad websites

Tablets are the fastest growing sector in computing; since the launch of the iPad in 2010 tablet sales have grown faster than those of MP3 players or smartphones in their first two years of sales respectively. Tablets users show very different patterns of use in terms of browsing and searching.

What is a Tablet friendly Website?

Due to the very different ways that tablets are used in terms of input – touchscreens rather than mouse and keyboard - website design now needs to be re-thought to allow for this style of use. A tablet friendly website is designed with ‘tactile’ use in mind. Traditional navigation tools, such as drop down menus and small buttons requiring double clicks etc, are replaced or re-designed to allow easy use with touchscreen gestures. The overall size of the page and images are also optimised for the best display on tablet sized screens. As a tablet friendly site can utilise much of your existing content these mobile website prices can be relatively low.

Why does my business need a tablet friendly website?

Tablets do not represent a replacement for either traditional desktop/notebooks or smartphones, rather they have their own niche in browsing and search use. Market research is showing that tablet users most often use their devices in the evening, often whilst viewing television or engaging in other tasks. While they would use their traditional computer for specific or more in-depth research, they would use their tablet for more casual browsing.

As an example a consumer watching property TV show may not be inspired enough to go away and research an area or properties at a later date, but may well browse relevant sites whilst still viewing. The real estate agent whose website is engaging and easy to use on a tablet immediately captures this potential customer who will often spend an extended amount of time browsing their website. 

Why choose Relevance Web Marketing to create your tablet friendly website?

Relevance Web Marketing’s in-house designers are expert in creating websites that are both beautifully designed and function well across a number of platforms. Our mobile website developers in France are always at the forefront of emerging technologies and produce sites that will insure compatibility across the many device types emerging in this market. As with all our work, SEO is focused on to make sure your web presence is highly visible.