Company Blog

Become the authority in your industry with up-to-date news

Blogging is a way to keep your company profile fresh and worth visiting. In writing about the latest company and industry news your business community perceives you as an authority in your industry. Blogging allows for targeted linkbuilding for relevant keywords to your website, it also offers a portal to target keywords not directed to your website but which still draws qualified visitors.

It is the bases of all social media and an excellent way to add backlinks to your website

The freshness score

Google includes a freshness score in its algorithm of search engine results and encourages fresh content linking to a company website. The success of a blog or forum rests with the quality of articles and news posted on it as well as its frequency. Relevance Web Marketing has experienced journalists working closely with its SEO team to ensure quality throughout. Contextual links back from blog posts, be it internal or external are very valuable for your organic positioning.