Content Marketing

Engaging with your target audience

What is content marketing? It is the creation, publication and syndication of original content, for example: articles, blogs, reviews, case studies, press releases and videos in order to improve your company's visibility, engage prospects and generate valuable leads.

Content curation: the emerging strategic role in online marketing

Content curation is a process of searching, organising and sharing high-quality and relevant content with your target market in order to drive a profitable response. Content curation is key to catching and retaining your prospective clients' attention and increasing brand loyalty. Relevance Web Marketing use a range of innovative tools to better optimise this process and benefit your business. Contextual links are very powerful in Google's eyes and will help keyword positioning. Content curation is the basis of of all social media management and is the perfect strategy to adopt to witness clear, measurable results.

High-quality, original content writing

It is vital to produce good quality material for publication and syndication to make it appealing to users and search engines and to encourage viral uptake. Relevance Web Marketing has journalists who specialise in writing promotional content for companies. We also have specialist writers in yachting, real estate, and travel sectors.