Relevance Web Marketing offers a variety of reporting and tracking solutions adapted to your needs

At Relevance Web Marketing we offer customised reporting and tracking solutions for your business depending on what sector you are in. The following reporting is possible for your online marketing campaign. 

ROI reporting from Relevance Web Marketing has allowed us to realise our marketing spend to the last Euro. We have made decisions on facts and real data rather than going by feeling

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  • Free SEO Audit – find out how well your website is optimised
  • Keyword Report – in-depth keyword research, segmenting keywords into the number of useful categories
  • SEO Report – check how your website is optimised for your keywords
  • Competition Reports – reporting on your competitors in organic and paid listings
  • Live Analytics – watch the behaviour of customers on your website in real time
  • Google Analytics – detailed reporting about the visitors to your website
  • Conversion Tracking – we track conversions from forms, e-mails and telephone calls
  • E-Commerce – we track conversions and sales in your online shop
  • Telephone Tracking – we track where calls come from
  • ROI – we track your return on investment to show you the return on every Euro spent