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Clients are checking up on you

70% of potential clients are checking up on you or your company every day. Relevance can help you look good when they search for you.

Positive PR

75% of consumers say positive pr, good feedback or excellent reviews will make them trust your or your business and will encourage purchase. Relevance can surround your name with positive PR and good reviews. We can also manage bad reputation.

Look excellent on the web

Relevance can make you look great on the internet when people are looking for you or your company on search engines and social media.

No Bad Press

Relevance can manage your or your companies’ reputation. You will be immediately warned about any bad press, and this will be managed. Relevance will create good press for you and your company on the internet and social media so customers are more likely to buy or trust you.

Online Reputation Management

Monitoring the reputation of your business on the internet

The main goal is to beat down all negative comments, citations, posts and any other kind of mentions either by their elimination or pushing them far down from the first search engine results pages.

Your business reputation online - good or bad?

When was the last time you entered the name of your business into a search engine? If someone 'googles' your business will they see advantageous opinions of it? These days your business is increasingly defined by what appears about it in search engine results. Make sure the internet reflects the reality of your business because unfavourable reviews, comments, notes by disgruntled ex-clients or even competitors can seriously damage your business. If you do not react, your online reputation can go bust and so sales will follow.

Using the power of the word of net to your benefit

Google has been integrating posts, blogs and tweets into its blended results; tweets or forum comments by disgruntled clients or envious competitors can lower the positions of your business in search engine rankings. The good news is that because it is online we can monitor it and carry out instant action to recuperate your reputation.

Thankfully the vast majority of net users never look beyond the top 20 search engine results. We usually can't make the negative comments go away but we can certainly make them much less visible. By surrounding these bad apples with high ranking assets (blog posts, press releases, tweets and posts) we literally push them down the rankings – restoring your reputation.