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Your customers are on social media

75% of your customers are using social networks. Social Media is often the first place where customers find out about your brand or check up on your company. Make sure you have a strategy per social media and are present and engaging.

Build a relevant community

Relevance can build a community for you. This will include customers, people looking for your products and services and also authorities who might share news about your company and products and services.

Amazing Content

Relevance plans, posts, and shares amazing content so your customers are happy and come to your website to buy or request more information.You also have the keys to work alongside our social media team in our joint management system if you want to.

Engagement and Reporting

Relevance reports to you on sales, visitors, engagement as well as assisted conversions which are conversions where social media was part of the sales cycle.

Social Media Management

Leverage the power of social

Relevance Web Marketing originally started using social media to gain backlinks for our SEO department, and as the world of social media grew so too did our understanding and use for it. Now we use it to sell clients services directly C2C and B2B, as well as enhancing all our other online marketing tools. Today social management services are as important in online marketing as SEO services are in increasing qualified leads and online sales. The synergy between the social media management team and our other online marketing divisions means our clients get the most from the web by:

  • Providing valuable backlinks for the SEO team
  • Creating leads for our partnership brokers
  • Feeding up to the minute industry news for our news team
  • Syndicating blogs and news to client communities

Develop your online presence

When our social media team take on your account at Relevance Web Marketing they will create a strategy with your marketing team and define targets for design, posts, engagement and visitors to your website. Our team is creative and come up with ideas, promotions, and partnerships. Once the work has started, they build you a relevant community and interact DAILY. A specialised report is given monthly. A company blog is created and feeds social medias. Video production and syndication to luxury markets is also possible.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of social media for your business.