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PR Services - Luxury

Running a pro-active press office function will mean your brand is on the radar of all UK/USA media contacts that are key for the successful growth of your company’s profile. By reaching out to the most relevant and influential journalists and publications you will complement existing advertising plans by achieving free, editorial coverage of your products that will contain your key messages and drive traffic to your website and as a result, significantly help to build your online brand.

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By offering the powerful combination of SEO services and online PR, your company will be in a position to receive the best possible results in terms of traffic referral in the long term.


Here are our Press Testimonials:

Congrats on pulling off the best press trip we’ve ever been on!

(Scarlett Kilcooley-O'Halloran, Vogue).

Sport and luxury brands - a match made in heaven

(Kevin Garside, the Independent).

A beautiful spot that is begging to be appreciated,

(Nicolas Kynaston, Grazia).

Monaco, Press Trip, Food, Wine, Glamour - A Good Formula

(David Spittles, The London Evening Standard).

No better way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix

(Rory Smith, Fish Media and 46 local titles).

This is how Press Trips should be done

(Paul Cole, Manchester Evening News and 16 other titles).

A spectacular whirlwind of a trip that has been superbly organised from the start; the team at Relevance have been 1st class

(James Dobson, Chelsea Magazines).

It really doesn't get much better than this.

(Paul Cole, Manchester Evening News), "Sensational, Surreal, Special."

Completeley blown away by the suite at the Fairmont

(Patrick Smith, Fish Media).

Domaine de Sylviane - the most blissful way to end the day - old and new, aspirational and aspiring - so inspirational

(Scarlett Kilcooley-O'Halloran, Vogue).

A charming rural property

(James Dobson, Chelsea Magazines).

Monaco shouldn't be anything but the best, and we all have certainly been shown that

(Niall Conlon, Vogue UK).

A Tailored PR Strategy

Relevance can offer you a tailored PR strategy that will address the most relevant media for your specific target audience. The strategy will work by carrying out the following functions on an ongoing basis:

Media outreach – using our strong UK media network we will contact key journalists to introduce them to your brand or update them on your latest news and developments and sending them the most up to date press kits. We can update existing press kit material or create new material depending on your needs.

Our PR team will contact journalists on the back of industry relevant stories and offer a comment from your CEO/Board or offer a case study from within your company to comment on a current trend. This is an excellent way of presenting you and your company as an industry expert within your field.

Areas of media expertise:

  • National and regional news
  • national travel
  • luxury travel
  • women and men’s lifestyle
  • travel and aviation trade
  • travel and lifestyle bloggers

Check our News Distribution Services Here.

Selling in product news – We will create compelling press releases on all of your product launches, updates and company news. Taking a tailored approach to ‘selling in’ the news to all key media contacts which would include speaking individually to key contacts about the news and seeing where this would fit in their upcoming issue and following up with them to confirm if and when the piece is running.

Profile opportunities and interviews – Approach relevant publications about their regular profile opportunities and place your company staff. Prospectively approach media about interviewing company staff about industry news, issues and trends. This offers your company the perfect platform to talk about your company history, key messages and unique selling points. We would be able to draft your answers for you if the interviews are done using a template or help you edit them. We will draft a briefing document for you if the interviews are done over the phone that will include notes on the journalist and publication and a reminder of your key messages.

Placing case studies – The media is often looking for real life case studies that they can include to illustrate a particular issue or trend. We would create engaging case study material for you and try to place it in target media. For example, if a publication is looking for a story on people who have radically changed career, started their own business, do something interesting or unique as their day job etc. This is an effective way to get your company and website mentioned in the press and raise brand awareness.

Forward features programme – monitoring publications’ upcoming features lists and approaching them with specific ideas on how to include information of your brand. This is an effective way to make you receive regular coverage as well as ensuring key journalists are receiving an ongoing stream of information on your company and helping to build an ongoing relationship with them.

Reviews – a fantastic way to win the loyalty of a key journalist is to offer a complementary review of your product. This is also a way of securing guaranteed coverage that will include the key messaging of your choice. We would organise a tailored review programme by negotiating space and credits with journalists in return for a media trial. We would also be able to use strong third party links to organise other elements that might be needed i.e. flight or hotel support.

Competitions and promotions – another effective way to secure in-depth coverage for your brand is to offer services as part of an exclusive competition or promotion. We would be able to send through any opportunities that come up in relevant publications and set them up for you negotiating on space, images, credits etc.

In addition to these pro-active functions, we would also deal with any incoming enquiries. You could pass on our contact details to deal with any requests you have from the media and we would deal with them for you. We would also be available to give ongoing advice on how to develop your brand to maximise publicity going forward.