French SEO / Consultancy

Take advantage of our French SEO services -  translation, SEO, and consultancy - for a smoother landing in France

With 2 offices strategically placed in France and a team of  French SEO experts ready to work on your project, Relevance Web Marketing is the number one choice French SEO company and business consultancy.

Relevance Web Marketing opened our business up to the French market using French SEO and translations. Now we have almost doubled our scope.

Julia Bergklint – Hip Chalets

Welcome to the French market 

Take advantage not only of our French SEO services, but also Relevance Web Marketing's business consultancy to help you get started in France. Working with an internationalisation company in Paris, Relevance Web Marketing can make your landing in France that much smoother. French SEO services help to increase leads and sales for expat and foreign businesses on the Cote D'Azur and throughout France. Using tried and tested SEO techniques, Relevance Web Marketing optimises websites for the French market, and obtains quality French links to the website of your business. We also specialise in local French SEO.

Relevance Web Marketing has translated our English landing pages into French, using French SEO and keyword research techniques enabling us to rank highly on for real estate terms in French relevant to our market.

Sophie Chomette – Carlton International

Join our network of French websites today

Relevance Web Marketing has grown up in France and after 10 years working on French websites and French SEO we have created a very strong network of websites and webmasters who are willing to offer you French backlinks to your website. Join us today to take advantage of the network we have spent 10 years creating. Finding link partners and link building opportunities in France is not the same as for English language SEO. It takes time to create a bespoke strategy for French SEO.

Foreign SEO companies

Relevance Web Marketing is happy to work with foreign SEO companies who are helping their clients to take advantage of the French market.