German SEO / Consultancy

Increase your market penetration by targeting German speakers with German SEO services - including optimisation, building and promoting your website: Relevance provides cutting edge German SEO services for your luxury brand

Being an international company based in 3 different countries with over 10 years of intensive business experience, Relevance has the know-how and expertise to increase the leads and sales for your business. Being the largest Economy in Europe, Germany is a natural point of interest for luxury brands. Targeting German speakers, whether residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or living in France as expats, is a clear way to increase your market penetration. You will benefit by obtaining quality backlinks from our network of partner websites to your business and our focus on local SEO included in our digital marketing services offered in German.

Relevance Web Marketing applied German SEO to our website, including translating the site’s content into German. Within a month we have noted an increase of German speaking traffic of almost 80%."

Sophie Chomette – Carlton International

Understanding the German market

With a team of in-house German nationals specialised in SEO and consultancy, Relevance will aid you to benefit of the German market. Promoting your luxury services and products to German speakers will provide you with a significant competitive advantage, as evidence suggests that many Germans search in their native language on search engines.

This makes it especially important to tailor your market communication for German customers and focus on the customer’s individual needs. Providing services in German will boost your online presence within this target group.

Relevance could help you to increase the market share of your luxury business with German SEO.