Keyword Research

Vital consumer data about your business

The identification of core and long-tail keywords is crucial to a successful online marketing campaign. By researching vital consumer and competition data Relevance Web Marketing can reveal how consumers are searching for your products and services and what the competition are doing. 

Within 1 month of working with Relevance Web Marketing our company received vital information about how customers search for our products and services and what our competition is doing. I recommend anyone with a business or a website to check out these vital business services.

Dario Zannoni, Sales Department, Japanese Vehicles (keyword research project researching how the Congolese search for second hand Japanese vehicles in French.)

How do people search for your products and services

A keyword research document from Relevance Web Marketing reveals to business owners and marketing departments how people are using search engines to look for products and services in their sector. Keyword research includes keyword lists, keyword groups, monthly search volumes, competition data, costs of advertising, and seasonal trends. Keyword research allows Relevance Web Marketing to make data-driven decisions about the SEO and online marketing startegy we put in place for your business.

Segmentation and categorisation of all keywords - the SEO sitemap

Definitive keywords are extensively categorised into product segments which aids the ongoing reporting and monitoring of keyword positioning and outlines the page optimisation objectives. A SEO sitemap ensures link building efficiency and will allow future SEO companies to take the reigns smoothly if necessary. The SEO site map is the website architecture for new builds, allowing website designers and developers to work easily and productively.

Our segmentation and categorisation research, the SEO site map, separates us from the competition.

Multilingual keyword research

Discover which countries, regions or cities provide the most search traffic for your website. Localisation and language considerations is essential to multilingual websites. Relevance Web Marketing can do keyword research in the following languages: English, American (yes slightly different), French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish).