Online Competition Analysis

Reveal your position amongst your competition through sector competitor research

Determining which internet sites are most visible in the natural search engine result space is very important to an online marketing campaign. Using Relevance Web Marketing's methodology, we are able to compile a list of the high-ranking websites that are competing for the same keywords as your own website. Relevance Web Marketing can tailor sector competitor research to meet your specific requirements with regular bespoke reporting. You can choose specific websites to analyse and compare with your own. Competitor research allows you to compare and analyse, in great detail, the relative strengths and weaknesses of your competitor websites.

Discover your strengths & lead the way

Online competitors are not the same as high street competitors; any website ranking well for keywords which are relevant to you is a competitor. Relevance Web Marketing assesses the search space helping you position your website correctly. Up-to-date SEO techniques allow you to out-perform the competition so that you can truly lead the way online.

We will research:

  • Who's ranking for the best keywords?
  • Which websites are attracting the most people?
  • What opportunities are there to grow?
  • Where are your business's weaknesses?
  • How can your business improve in search engine rankings?
  • What features are missing on your site?

Competitor research for selected websites will help identify your strengths and weaknesses and the competitor catalogue will show how your site is progressing with search engine optimisation services over the duration of your custom-made online marketing campaign.