Russian SEO / Consultancy

The Russian speaking market is arguably THE most important market for luxury on the planet - Russia has the world’s 11th largest economy in terms of GDP and boasts an impressive number of billionaires with a remarkable taste for luxury.

If you ask any superyacht company, any 5 star hotel, any supercar rental agency, or anyone renting luxury chalets or villas in Courchevel or Saint Tropez, their most important market - they will certainly mention Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzsta, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or even Uzbekistan.

The Russian market is very important as Russian is the native language in many countries. It is an attractive marketing target for any luxury business. The Russian web space is one of the most complex markets and is unlike any other in the world.

Relevance has in-house Russian and Belarus nationals who have been trained in SEO, digital marketing and social media and can help businesses promote their luxury services, and products to Russians and Russian speakers.

Many say that Russians speak English and use english to search online - but we have evidence to say this in not true.

Let us increase your market penetration into Russian and Ex-Soviet markets - it is a very strong and interesting market.