Company Blogs

Engage with your clients to improve loyalty, grow relationships and increase trust

A professional company blog should be integral to any business SEO and online marketing campaign, and the basis of any social media project. With SEO rich content and links use your new blog to drive your website up search engine rankings and keep your social community of customers and suppliers engaged.

Our 3 step-plan for taking your business to fully SEO integrated blogging

  1. We register a domain name, or attach it to a sub domain of your website
  2. We design the blog site according to your business requirements and to match your branding
  3. We provide content on a regular basis from SEO journalists who are specialists in your industry
  4. We auto forward blog posts to your social media channels
  5. We give you the keys to join in

We use WordPress for our company blogs - why?

It is the biggest and the best blogging platform. There are more than 16 million blogs hosted on WordPress and more than 260 million visitors per month who view 2.3 billion pages. In terms of exposure there is no better tool for blogging.

Why personalise your WordPress blog?

All the characteristics that make WordPress great: the number of bloggers, the number of posts, the number of page views, also mean you must customise to stand out from the crowd. We will adapt the page design in order to seamlessly integrate with your brand image.

How much will a professional company blog cost?

WordPress sites are highly cost-effective. The key to how much your Relevance Web Marketing WordPress package will cost your business will depend on the quantity and frequency of search engine optimised content you require.