Online marketing appears vital to targeting wealthy customers


gold-bars4In recent years many luxury goods providers have shied away from online marketing as they perceived these channels would ‘de-value’ their brand. But more and more research and success stories are showing that the most wealthy spend time and money on the internet when looking for luxury brands and luxury goods. As the demographic and geographic spread of wealthy individuals changes so the need to appeal to these select consumers online grows.


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Google Adwords Blog – February Roundup


GoogleAdwordslogoFebruary saw the launch of a number of new useful features in Adwords that offer improvements to both the display of your advertising and how you can track your ads performance. Trueview Video and automated Display Ads offer a more dynamic and creative means to deliver your message, while the new enhanced Sitelinks program gives a new format to traditional text Ads. With updates to the Automated Rules and Search Funnels features you can have even greater control over how your ads are delivered and new ways to visualise their effectiveness. There’s also some sound advice on ad copy and a re-vamped Adwords Community. Read on for a summary of each of these developments and how they can help your business or agency.

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The Rise of Google+ : Adopt Now


Google+ has generated plenty of discussion in the few months since its launch. While there has been plenty of negative press about how G+ is performing and the fact that its market share is still small relative to facebook and twitter, the speed at which G+ has grown cannot be ignored. Add to this the power Google has to leverage its own product’s position through its dominance of search and a business ignores G+ at its peril.

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How to turn off Google search personalization?


googleSo the 1st of March is here, D-day for Google’s new privacy policy and search personalization. Essentially Google will now ‘pool’ your search and browsing data in one place , which it then uses to make recommendations, suggestions and target advertising. While this doesn’t represent a huge change in what data Google collects it has brought to the forefront issues which many already had with targeted ads. For those of you who dislike the feeling of what you search for trailing you around the web in the form of ads here’s a step by step for avoiding personalization. This information which Google claims to make simple to find, is in fact well hidden away.

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Moz Top 10 – December


Another month passes and the SEOmoz blog continues to provide a wealth of excellent information.  This month we’re highlighting; reaction to Google’s continued changes and how they’re affecting the SEO world, some excellent tips and tools that you can apply immediately to your day-to-day work and some great infographics that give you golden ammunition when talking to clients. As ever we’ve hand-picked the information we found most valuable and easy to digest.

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Using Competitor’s Trademarked Names in Google Pay Per Click


The rules surrounding the use of trademarked names in PPC campaigns seems to be an area of confusion for many clients and practitioners alike. It’s an issue that appears time and again in help forums.

The source of much of the confusion seems to be changes that have been made to the rules in recent years, and the different policies that apply in different countries. Our hope is this article will answer most of these questions.

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November Roundup – Google Webmaster Blog

google webmaster logo

google webmaster logoThe big news released on the webmaster blog recently is Google implementing SSL search as the default option for anyone signed into any of Google’s services (including gMail and Google+), and so removing query data for these searches.

In this blog we’ll focus on explaining the potential implications of this controversial move for SEO/SEMs, both now and in the future. In a case of Google very much giving with one hand and taking with the other, they also announced the in-depth search query data previously only available via webmaster tools is now accessible through analytics, with it’s superior presentation options.

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November Roundup – Google Adwords Blog


GoogleAdwordslogoThis past month saw two new key developments in how your Adword campaign is delivered; Firstly Google introduced new ad placements in Search and secondly, an improved Product Ads is launched in Europe.

Aside from these developments the real focus of the month has been the intergration of Ads with the Google+ platform. The launch of buisness pages on G+ combined with third party social management intergration see Google showing it’s intent to make G+ a superior platform for marketing. No doubt these developments will continue at a pace, and while G+ doesn’t have the user numbers just yet, the opportunity is now there to adopt early with minimal effort. As is repeated throughout these posts – G+ is now an ‘and’ not an ‘or’.

Elsewhere there are minor improvements to the Adword editor, particularly improved functionality for the top of page bid estimates. And finally our new favourite, Think Insights is launched – a brilliant resource for data snippets on consumer trends and research.

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