Relevance Web Marketing Shortlisted for UK Search Awards 2017

UK Award Small SEO Company

Relevance is pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for the UK Search Awards 2017 in the category of ‘Best Small SEO Agency’. Relevance has become known to work closely with clients, and have a responsive approach to digital marketing requests from clients. Some of the larger agencies are famous for losing their touch. Call us, we will pick up the phone, and give you time.

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Relevance Announces Digital Marketing Academy in Monaco

relevance digital marketing academy monaco

The Relevance Digital Academy

Relevance Monaco recently announced the dates for its first digital marketing academy. The 10-week course is ideal for CEOs, marketers and business owners – and anybody else that has an interest in improving their company’s online presence. From Google AdWords to Google Analytics, and many in between, a broad range of topics will be covered in this digital marketing crash course. Continue reading “Relevance Announces Digital Marketing Academy in Monaco”

Rumble Romagnoli’s Best Practice SEO for 2017

I was into my 20s when Google was launched. I was a young entrepreneur desperate to get any kind of leverage to catapult our travel start-up above the major tour operators. Google arrived at the perfect time for us. Our friends were coming out of a programming degree (Cheers H) and put us on the right track of how to get a small company immediate visibility and in front of a digitally naive world.

Getting  to the top of Google in those days was pretty damn easy – nobody was doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and we were. Bang your address into a few directories, change your meta data, and you were outdoing the big boys.

Almost 20 years on, and I have been watching very closely, Google has become an awesome and intelligent beast. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving and digital business consultants like myself have to be on our toes. To get ahead in this new SEO world is to constantly evaluate, conduct research and perform tests so you can see what works with regard to your industry and audience and then act fast before the competition copies you. It is more than just guess work, it is analysis based on case studies, and a set of invisible rules, a digital jurisprudence.  I had graduated in Law, and had experience in deciphering precedents.

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Relevance Runs PR Workshop at SKEMA Business School

relevance digital pr skema

Following Relevance’s successful PR trip to the Monaco Yacht Show, representatives of the company were invited to SKEMA Business School on Monday 21st November to run a workshop for 30 students. Sharing industry insight with students on the ‘Introduction to Public Relations’ undergraduate course, Rumble and Muriel shared their knowledge on a variety of topics – gained from years of experience in the PR and digital industries: these topics included the role of a press officer, press trips, digital PR for SEO, PR conferences, and PR crisis management. Continue reading “Relevance Runs PR Workshop at SKEMA Business School”

Digital Yacht Marketing Video YPY Monaco


We all know the online space is a highly condensed and competitive environment, have you ever found it challenging sorting through the best marketing practices and tools? With over a decade of experience in digital and the luxury market, we have narrowed down what we found are the best techniques for digital yacht marketing.

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Everyone speaks English; do we really need any other languages?

It could be argued that the English language has become England’s greatest export. Perhaps only equal to the Magna Carta, which is embodied in the law in 900 countries and the declaration of human rights, and sport (including cricket, football and rugby).  Thanks to world wide web in the 20th century, and its English inventor, computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, English has become the lingua franca of the digital world. It is now the most popular second language in Europe, with 38% of Europeans being able to speak it fluently.

Yet, if you look at the facts, it is naïve to think that that English will remain dominant. For a start, only 6% of the global population speak native English. It may have gained popularity through world famous writers and musicians, like Shakespeare and the Beatles, but there are twice as many people who speak Mandarin as a 1st or 2nd language than those who speak English. In fact, 75% of the global population do not speak English at all.

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Real Estate Website Design in Layman’s Terms

web marketing is like building a house

Have you ever tried to explain your web design job to your parents, only to find them looking lost and making a swift escape to the kitchen to ‘put the kettle on’? Website design and digital marketing is often tricky to explain to most people who remember a time when ‘desirable digital’ meant coveting a Casio calculator watch, and being ‘technical’ involved a spanner, a hammer or a few nuts and bolts.

Our award-winning digital marketing company, Relevance Realty, shares offices in London with cutting-edge website development company 542 Digital. They offer bespoke digital development when nothing else fits. They are used to explaining the way they work in layman’s terms. Continue reading “Real Estate Website Design in Layman’s Terms”

Relevance Top 10 – Latest News


Welcome to the latest top 10 digital marketing update presented by Relevance. In this month’s issue, we round up ten valuable articles from Moz blog, including topics from new Google data platform and psychological analysis on marketing, to link building and the latest trend: “how old do I look”. Meanwhile, we will continue to share updated information with you about Google Mobilegeddon.

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Revive Your AdWords Campaign With These 7 Essential Tips


Optimising your PPC Campaign is the key to better performing adverts. With these seven essential tips, discover how you could increase your click-through-rate and reduce your Cost Per Click simultaneously.

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6 Must-Have SEO Essentials Before Your Website Launch


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of modifying a website to improve its visibility and organic positioning in a search engine results page. When creating a website, there are many factors that will influence your website’s ranking, some of them are more immediately apparent than others. Consequently, Relevance has created a ‘checklist’ of key SEO strategies to increase traffic to your website.

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