Relevance SEO Top Ten – 13th November 2018

Relevance SEO tips countdown on Moz's Top Ten

Welcome to the latest Relevance SEO countdown of Moz’s Top 10. For anyone still confused about log file analysis and Google’s ever-shifting algorithm, this post is an essential read. Catch up on all the latest SEO tips, from Google’s spooky Halloween ranking update to reigniting your passion for optimisation. This edition of Moz’s Top 10 will also help you become a pro at SEO-friendly pagination and customer service.

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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 29th June 2018

Catch up on all the latest SEO tips with Moz's top ten

Welcome to the latest Relevance countdown of Moz’s top 10, summing up some of the biggest happenings in the digital world over the last two weeks. For anyone still confused about Mobile-First Indexing or pondering a new domain, this post could be vital for getting your strategy right. If you need to inspect any URLs, here is a brand-new tool to help. Catch up on everything from the US Supreme Court’s latest ruling on online retailers to the limitations of voice search, all in this edition of Moz’s top ten.

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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 5th June 2018


Welcome to the latest Relevance countdown of Moz’s Top 10. For agencies who want to make more money (that’s all of us, right?) this latest SEO countdown is an absolute must-read. Whether you want to grow a brand to thousands of locations, make products the highest ranked for Amazon searches or learn about anything in between, this edition of the Moz Top 10 will show you how to bring home the bacon.

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Relevance at BrightonSEO

Relevance at BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO – always worth it! The ideas you pick up from these SEO authorities is invaluable. Our clients demand cutting-edge strategies, and this is a great place to find them. And, it’s free entry. This year a 4-person team from Relevance met in sunny Brighton (NOT). Two came from our UK offices, two from our Monaco HQ; a meeting of minds. We were also treated with a John Mueller from Google interview on the main stage. He is a legend – it was so nice to tap right into Google him/herself. He was pretty Google and standoff-ish, but it was great to get some advice about the huge new mobile-first algo change. Continue reading “Relevance at BrightonSEO”

Relevance launches first App for Luxury Real Estate company, St Tropez House


Relevance has now exceeded every expectation of a small or boutique digital marketing agency by helping one of its clients develop a custom mobile real estate App on which to promote its real estate opportunities. The App has been released on IOS, and Android, and will allow St Tropez House customers the choice of looking for the latest luxury property on App or on responsive mobile website.

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Relevance Web Marketing Shortlisted for UK Search Awards 2017

UK Award Small SEO Company

Relevance is pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for the UK Search Awards 2017 in the category of ‘Best Small SEO Agency’. Relevance has become known to work closely with clients, and have a responsive approach to digital marketing requests from clients. Some of the larger agencies are famous for losing their touch. Call us, we will pick up the phone, and give you time.

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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 9th October 2017

Relevance top 10

Welcome to the latest Relevance countdown of Moz’s top 10. This week’s edition contains big news for publishers who work with paywalls, as well as a useful method for prioritizing your SEO tasks. So what are you waiting for? Read on.

1. Inbound 2017: the wizard of Moz

Rand Fishkin, the founder of the Moz, gave a spotlight presentation at the recent Inbound 2017 in which he used data and stories to put to bed some of the longest held beliefs of marketing culture. It’s 41.05 minutes of insight after insight, and a must watch for any SEOer. Continue reading “Relevance SEO Top 10 – 9th October 2017”

15 Relevance Digital Consultants at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Relevance has 15 digital marketing consultants at their Monte Carlo office this week for the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. Relevance has planned a full 4-days at the most prestigious yacht show in the world. Relevance digital marketing consultants have arranged 50+ meetings with marketing directors and their teams at this outstanding yacht show, and are hosting a cocktail event at their offices 21 Avenue Princess Caroline, Monaco on the Wednesday night. Relevance will also use the week to get away from our desks, and meet with superyacht clients at the show and hosting the NetJets Press Trip to Monaco Yacht Show. The week will be full of networking events, cocktails, business lunches, meetings, and a lot of sunshine, we hope!

Brighton SEO – Rumble’s Top 13 Talks


Brighton SEO stormed into Brighton last week with nearly 100 SEO experts presenting on 100s of relevant SEO marketing topics. This SEO conference has become extremely popular the world over, it was great to see so many people discussing SEO & digital marketing. Brighton SEO runs a great conference and arrived with THE Best SEO experts for a jam-packed day, and the town played a good host.

Here are Rumble’s (Relevance CEO and Professor of Digital Marketing at IUM) top 13 talks and key takeaways and resources from Brighton SEO.

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