Relevance launches first App for Luxury Real Estate company, St Tropez House


Relevance has now exceeded every expectation of a small or boutique digital marketing agency by helping one of its clients develop a custom mobile real estate App on which to promote its real estate opportunities. The App has been released on IOS, and Android, and will allow St Tropez House customers the choice of looking for the latest luxury property on App or on responsive mobile website.

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A Guide to Social Media Influence Marketing for Luxury Brands

social media influencer marketing

Social media influence marketing has been a hot topic in digital media for a while now. While many brands willingly jumped on board with this concept, some luxury brands dragged their beautifully crafted five-inch heels. After all, isn’t luxury supposed to promote exclusivity and how exclusive can something be if it’s so readily available all over the internet?

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Relevance Doubles World Gold Council Follower Count on Twitter to over 100,000

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Since starting work with the World Gold Council in Spring 2016, Relevance has been able to double the number of users following the World Gold Council’s twitter account, @GOLDCOUNCIL, from under 50,000 to now over 100,000.

Relevance supported their PR and marketing teams by advertising organic content to influencers and their followers in finance and precious metals sectors. These audiences generated extremely high levels of engagement and large amounts of new followers in a very short space of time. Continue reading “Relevance Doubles World Gold Council Follower Count on Twitter to over 100,000”

App and Wechat – Digital Marketing Platforms in China


Relevance continues to share the latest international digital marketing news about social media. China has an emerging digital market in luxury, real estate and many other fields. To promote a business in China, digital marketing professionals can choose to start by creating their own apps or by managing their own official account on the social media platform Wechat (Weixin in Chinese). Following the previous article about Wechat social marketing in China, Relevance presents an analysis of both approaches to promoting a business before offering practical suggestions to business developers.

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Twitter Analytics – How Sweet are your Tweets?


With more than 241 million active users, Twitter provides us with a powerful social media platform to share digital content, allowing our Tweets to drive traffic and engagement.

But, have you ever wanted to know which Tweets your followers chirp on about? Well now you can, with Twitter Analytics.


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Wechat Social Marketing in China



For those who are not familiar with Wechat, it is a Chinese messaging app that also functions as a social media channel which can handle all your instant message needs; whether you require text and video chat, video calling, push to talk, photo/video and location sharing. Additional interesting features of the channel include: group messaging, broadcasting messaging, photo sharing and discovering new people around you via “look around”…

Wechat has already got more than 600 million users, and as a multimedia mobile app, the social marketing value of Wechat has risen quickly since the launch of Wechat version 5.0. Compared to other social media, the greatest advantage of WeChat is its precise targeting; with nearly 100% of messages sent to customers being seen. In addition, WeChat can bridge your customers between the offline and online world (O2O), creating a huge network of B2B, B2C and C2C for direct marketing.

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5 Most Useful Tools for Social Media Management


Social media is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most invaluable channels for reaching larger audiences and promoting your business. However, managing a multitude of social media accounts can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Tracking valuable data, such as followers’ demographics, the optimal hour for publishing a post or a level of followers’ engagement; can be a hard task to manage. 

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SinaWeibo — the most Popular Social Media in China


shanghaiSina International’s GM has said: “If you want to enter China with social marketing; Weibo is the only tool.” SinaWeibo has 56 million daily active users in China. SinaWeibo boasts over 130,000 corporate accounts and 56% of users follow at least one account. It offers the content sophistication of a social network such as Facebook with the engagement and interaction levels of a pure micro-blogging service such as Twitter.

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